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We are proud to have made our money go a long way. But there is a limit to our ability to fund any additional projects without support. We need partners who share our aims and want to help us help their area.

We are keen to have direct discussions with those who want to help people work for themselves in these challenging times, particularly in less well-off rural areas in the South West of England.

Expand the Launchbox project across Cornwall
We are looking for co-funders to enable is to work with the Workbox to assist at least 75 people working for themselves to gain soft loans to improve their marketing, collaborate with other micros, gain a year free use of the Workboxes in Penzance and Truro and get mentoring help from a panel of business experts. Our aim is to create an evergreen Launchbox fund that will help micros in Cornwall long term so we can help hundreds more.

Expand the Workbook online freelance directory
With over 150 freelancers/professionals/micros listed, we want to add hundreds more to this innovative new business directory. The idea is to connect skilled people who work for themselves in Cornwall with not only customers but each other. We are looking for partners to help us fund Workbook Cornwall.

Workhub advice
Together with our partners, the not-for-profit Workhubs Network Community Interest Company (trading as The Workbox) we have a wealth of knowledge of how to set up a successful workhub. We can help you if you are looking to create a co-working/workhub space in your town, city or village. Contact us to find out more. By using us you will help to fund a charity that delivers similar objectives.